Our Vision

A nomadic band of desert gypsies.   

United in Play

We are inspired by the ethos, sounds and principles of a festival born in a desert in America, and will bring a similar passion for creativity, art, music, self sufficiency, and interpersonal development to a new spaces, new lands and new desert environments.

Its our journey and mission to create amazing experiences in the region of some of the world's greatest deserts. In the Sahara and Arabia,  We will create a camel-train of fellow travellers with a passion for music, creativity, fashion and art.  

As we flow through the deserts we will contribute positively to the well-being of the people in these ancient locations, creating art, smiling faces, inspired minds and healthier bodies. 

We aim to be a force of positivity to our attendees lives through the interaction of music, art, wellness in amazing locations.

We will leave no trace in the desert utopias we momentarily create -like a shooting star across the desert night

We will fulfil the dreams promised to some by "burning man" by creating sustainable amazing and intimate events some of the most iconic and amazing desert locations on the planet.  

Starting with Douz, Tunisia, not far from Tatoiune where the iconic images of science fiction in George Lucas’s epic visions of another planet inspired those in the land of the brave and free to create visions of new worlds.

We begin our journey on the camel train that is Sahara Nights .

We recognise not everyone will attend our event, but hope many will join our gypsy tribe./

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