Sahara Nights
Electronic Music, Wellness and You!
Douz, Tunisia
Friday April 28th-Sunday April 30 2023

Sahara Nights will bring together a community of dancers , djs artists creatives and dreamers to a play under the Saharan sun and moon.  There will be incredible music, amazing wellness and daytime activities, great food at a remote desert site in the unique location of the Kebili desert in Douz Tunisia

Party, create and be inspired  with up to 250 very special people.

Find out about our planned line up of Desert Selectors, Wellness Practitioners, and Creators in the artist line up section.

Join in our vision of a emboldened Sahara, inspired by the gypsy nomads of the Silk Road.

Read on to find out more about this incredible experience in April, 2023.

Music, Art, Wellness In The Tunisian Desert

With an amazing music programme and wellness programme in a remote Saharan location. You'll gain an experience truly removed from conventional society, deeply engaged in beats, self-discovery, community and art with incredible Djs and Creators; You won't be lost, even if you are 20 miles from the nearest streetlight and the milky way is your only guide.

The Magic of the Desert Night at Camp Mars

You will experience Desert Bedouin Hospitality at Camp Mars, a remote location accessible only over the dunes by off road vehicle Car from Douz, Tunisia. The desert sun will be your guide, and the milky way at night will light your inner and outer journey. Read more about your complete itinerary

3 days of joy in the Tunisian Desert


With a host of luminaries from Electronic Music,  (ARTISTS FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLYfrom DJ T to Dave Seaman to Hot Oasis, 
 We are sure to make you heart beat, your feet move and your mind awaken.- SEE THE FULL LINE UP

Yoga, Wellness Breathwork

 Mediation, chanting, breathwork, gong, yoga and soundbath experiences featuring names like yogetsu akasaka will guide your inner journeys

 Explore  WELLNESS Programme

Art and Creativity 

,You'll enjoy workshops, build and create art, see performances by local artists, learn local art and culture and help create a stage recycled from the Desert around us See the SCHEDULE

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